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scam p charlie sheen be called a lovable jerk? >> thank you, andy. >> your het leer hair do is -- your hitler hair do is making me feel ill. >> your face is an omelette of despair. let's welcome our guests. she excites me. i am here with patty m brown. she is so cute that snow angels make outlines of her on the ground when it is snowing. charles pain is back. fox business network and ceo of wall street strategies. he knows picking stocks like i know being in them. and he is a lot like bill shultz, but he is not homeless or infested with six kinds of hepatitis. filling in for my repulsive sidekick is john devore. and next to me, thaddeus mccodder. he released a book called "seize freedom" hope that is not a stripper, and i suggest you read the forward because it is fantastic. it is fantastic. , eh. we have no pinch because bill is out and when bill is out pinch is gone too. >> weird. >> i don't know how that works. >>> the secret is out. our kenyan-born president is not kenyan born after all. he is actually swiss. christopher hitchins said the president is keeping swiss time. these days
with that is what i would like to call the charlie sheen suitcase. it cures what ails me. for the kids out there. that's a message to you. >> when he means kids, he means people over 21 in jail. kids, it is a new thing. the kids, they rock. lolz. >>> coming up, how does she balance being a mom, a wife, news anchor and exotic dancer? patty m brown discusses that. first, what is missing from this year's super bowl? judging from this tape of cheerleaders, i bet it is cheerleaders. >>> let's go now to our regular segment called -- the latest on up chuck. he has taken to texting in his drug add deled defense. oxymoron alert. he says, believe nothing. i will never speak of this as long as i live. btw which stands for by the whiskers, two wars and an end less staimg of sorrow. all you care about is my bull, you know what. >> what is the take? think no more. >> that's better than "night --" nightline." and the "red eye" analysis. >> foxes just don't get turtles. but the turtles are quite healthy. stop it. does he have a point? i don't even know what . it was. -- point it was. >> the fox is adorable. >>
's show? >> our top story, charlie sheen says people should stay off the crack pipe unless they can handle it socially. we will look at whether he killed his chances of becoming a children's book author. and will the spearment with multi-culturalism be on its last leg? and finally a "red eye" exclusive. media matters tells us what it is look like to work for the most infamous unit. >> thank you, andy. >> how is the bieber fever? >> great. >> if only it were that easy. >> i am getting the blisters. >> god speed. >> go away, strange man. >>> her name is jeddidiah. she is so hot you can use her face as a waffle iron, but why would you if you own your own waffle iron? it would make no sense. and he is as cuddly as he is comic cal, and he is cuddly. he is as adorable as an elf made of rainbow lollipops. and drugs smuggle him across the border. it is bill shultz, there he is looking angry. u.s. army special forces member terry stafford. after shark week, sharks have terry safford week. and our "new york times" correspondent, good to see you pinch. >> bob herbert talks about the commander-in-chie
david brooks' op-ed is about charlie sheen. dig knee tee is a trans sexual porn star. >> it is trans sexual. you do not know the industry as i do. i used to date the village boys. it is not, not correct. it is a double negative. >> never mind the unplowed streets or bed bugs in sheets. mayor bloomburg targeted arizona with shameful deceit. and a sting run by new york city investigators found dealers had a phoenix, arizona gun -- gun show and sold guns to buyers who told them they couldn't pass a background check. roll video people who roll video. >> do you run a background check? >> no. that's good because they probably couldn't pass it. run a background check? that's good because i probably couldn't pass. it. >> while it is legal for gun show vendors to sell without a background check, it is illegal to sell to fox who admit they -- folks who admit they wouldn't pass. gun show organizers issued this statement -- "mayor bloomburg and his task force don't have authority in the state of arizona or any other place in america, except new york city. these forays and america's heartland are
cutting themselveses and chronic hiccupers to hold their breath while drinking water and charlie sheen should make porns with nondisclosure agreements. >> you look like you have been losing weight. >> i have been hanging out with charlie sheen. we are on a strict diet. >>> to the greg-alogue. i have been watching egypt the same way i watch the pro bowl, in my underwear, confused. the men crowding the streets of cairo, and i realize what goodwill did with billy crystal's old sweaters. i hope it is a good thing. state side protests erupted with the ready-made signs. i know mubarak sucks, but will his replacement be any better? and i can't help but get spoobed by the name "muslim brotherhood." and i have a feeling they don't like israel or us either. and some of the commentary around here kills me. we have climate change alarm mists linking unrest to global warming which makes me want to throw up on climate change alarmists. but they are half right. rising food prices make people angry, and food prices are going up. after all, we are turning corn into ethanol instead of chowder, and i lik
showing charlie sheen? that's not the right piece. >>> who gets the least grief as commander-in-chief? on the head of his 500th birthday, they reveal that despite his accomplishments of freeing the indians, number one is not number one. indeed, jolting george as they called him when he played for the yankees came in fifth. j.f.k. played sports and bill clinton comes in at the number two spot and the super awesome ronald reagan crossing the finish line. in the eight times gal lop asked the question within the past 12 years, lincoln, regan and kennedy topped the list at one time or another. and yet morgan free man's portrayal in the deep impact failed to get a single vote. biggots. either way it goes back to the age old saying, trying to pick a president is like trying to hate sleep me cats with cubs as hats. >> thank goodness we saw that. >> cruiser, can you tell a lot about a person by the -- by their choice of favorite and least favorite president? i think you can. >> i think this poll tells us the american public education system is a complete failure. any goal that can men
, what's charlie sheen up to? probably his 17th eight ball by the time this airs. >> i find your whole existence a waste of protoplasm. >> i apologize for absolutely nothing. >> greg: and why should you? >> sweeter than a rainbow dipped in sugar, jedediah bila, author and extremely striking tonight in stripes. i like stripes. our first-time guest, chris barroni, chairman of the board of go crowd. he's as charming as i am. he smells of pam -- and prison -- kind of the same thing and paul mercurio. his latest cd is called image makeover. if good humor were a delightful puzzle, i would do him. >> his sales droop because of his poop. >> a new nixon in china, not to be confused with tricky dick's oval office, a nixon-base the live sex show. >> very good. >> it is very good. two thumbs up. >> greg: yeah, miles per hour. all right. can you land in the pokey if you light up a smokey? the new york city council has banned smoking in public parks, beaches and plazas. the council voted 36-12 to pass the ban. it was initiated by mayor michael bloomberg. council member who is supported the ban spoke
's a stupid idea. but first what is charlie sheen up to now? whatever it is, i bet amilia es staw varies is doing dash emilio es staw varies is doing something far worse. but no one cares. >>> are you a racist clown when you tell an audience to pipe down? i am refering to a cinema in delaware where a manager was accused of bigotry for telling a black audience to be quiet. but they say overturning the relations commission saying the dude was racist when he used a, quote, condescending quote when telling them to stop talking. the commission ordered the theater to pay nearly $80,000 when determining the announcement that happened in 2007, quote, insulted, humiliated and demeaned patrons since they single etd -- singled out a black audience. they say extras were brought in. the court tossed out the finding and the fine saying the announcement was not racist, simply policy for soldout shows and therefore reasonable. so what does dancing goat think about all this? >> the irony is the goat actually taught her the moves. who knew? i go to you for no particular reason. nothing i like more than th
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